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migrateddumbfs manual page


migrateddumbfs [options] source-parent-directory destination-parent-directory


migrateddumbfs used to resize a ddumbfs filesystem.

The source-parent-directory and destination-parent-directory are directory containing the ddfs.cfg file and ddfsroot directory. destination-parent-directory must exists, must be empty, must have been created with the same block_size and hash and must be big enough to receive the data of the source. The block file is not modified and not copied. You have to manually copy/move data of the block file.


-h, --help

Show help message and exit.

-v, --verbose

Be more verbose.

-p, --progress

Display progress second by second of some part of the file system check.

-f, --force

bypass some guardrail

-m, --migrate

Default option for now, use it to avoid compatibility problems with future release that could have more features


Create a new ddumbfs filesystem and migrate data to it.:

fsckddumbfs -r /data/ddsource
mkddumbfs -s 100G /data/dddestination
migrateddumbfs -m /data/ddsource /data/ddestination
rm /data/dddestination/ddfsblocks
mv /data/ddsource/ddfsblocks /data/dddestination/ddfsblocks

See also

ddumbfs(1), mkddumbfs(8), cpddumbfs(1)


Alain Spineux <>